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Welcome Aboard the Garrihy Family’s Doolin2Aran Ferries

Come sail with us on Ireland’s newest ship – the Star of Doolin, built in 2018.

The Garrihys are a well-known family in Doolin, with a long tradition in fishing. Managed by four brothers, the business started in 2000, sailing to the Cliffs of Moher and now with the flagship Star of Doolin, we offer the fastest route to the Aran Islands as well as the Cliffs of Moher Cruise.

Sailing from the picturesque coastal village of Doolin, visitors who cross the Atlantic Ocean get to enjoy incredible views of Galway Bay and the beautiful Clare coastline. The open skies and surrounding landscape are a haven for birdlife, wildlife, flora and fauna that include Puffins, Guillemots, dolphins, basking sharks and a vast limestone plateau in this UNESCO Geopark on the Wild Atlantic Way. All the while, the Garrihy team are on hand; ready to provide tips, insights and a true Irish family welcome.

Cliffs of Moher Cruise

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The Garrihy family pioneered the Cliffs of Moher cruise in 2000, when the eldest Garrihy brother, PJ, swapped his fishing boat for a passenger ferry.  This cruise gives visitors access to spectacular views of these world-renowned cliffs. Observing the sheer vastness of the cliffs towering above the boat is the most incredible experience and passengers are treated to live performances from thousands of nesting seabirds including Puffins, Razorbills and Gannets. An extra treat for Harry Potter fans is they get to see the famous cave from a scene in the Half Blood Prince movie, which was filmed from none other than a Garrihy family ship.

Aran Islands

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The Aran islands are comprised of three islands: Inis Mór (the “Big Island”), Inis Meáin (or Inishmaan: “Middle Island”) and the smallest of the islands, Inis Oírr ( or Inisheer: “ East Island”).   The Star of Doolin sails to Inis Oirr in just 15 minutes from Doolin, the fastest crossing from the mainland to the islands.

Once on any of the Aran Islands, a true experience awaits with fiercely proud islanders who speak Irish in an other-world setting of thatched cottages, Celtic churches of historical significance and the World Heritage site of Dun Aengus (located on Inis Mór.

Why not sail to one of the Aran Islands and take a Cliffs of Moher Cruise in the same day?

Garrihys Doolin2Aran Ferries, We take you there!

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