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Darragh, together with his wife Aisling established The Farmyard, a farm based enterprise which promotes a healthy way of life for adults and children alike. The Farmyard is an interactive farm rooted in a healthy, natural, organic ethos that encourages people to live, work and play the natural way.

Summer Camps

The Farmyard is an educational haven offering children and students of all ages the opportunity to connect with nature. Children are encouraged to get involved in a range of activities where the focus is on active learning in a fun environment. Set on a working farm in the heart of the Burren in Corofin, Co. Clare, the farmyard is equipped with modern state of the art indoor and outdoor facilities.

Farm Camp

Interact with the farm animals by participating in simple farm activities such as collecting the eggs, gathering the animals, feeding the goats, milking the cows and many more.

  • Learn how to milk a cow & make butter the traditional way.
  • Enjoy the famous farm trials such as gathering the sheep in the fastest time.
  • Get involved as the farmer shears the sheep and rolls the wool.
  • Explore the link between the food we eat and the land it comes from. See first hand how vegetables & herbs grow and learn how to grow your own.
  • Learn how to make pizza using organic produce from the garden.

Cookery Camp

The aim of the Cookery camp is to show that eating healthily does not have to be boring nor does it mean that you can never have treats or sweet things! All of our recipes have been tried, tested and loved by children

Throughout the week you will:

  • Make delicious recipes derived from each food group
  • See first hand where the food comes from by exploring the farm
  • Tour a commercial kitchen and be introduced to the concept of food hygiene
  • Be part of various groups as you partake in interactive cooking and baking activities

To apply for this job email your details to info@thefarmyard.ie

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