Archaeology, Built Heritage and Pilgrimage

Take a journey deep into the past, uncover the secrets of the Poulnabrone – the iconic dolmen dating back to 3600 BC, trace the path walked by an ancient civilisation at Caherconnell Stone Fort – a beautifully preserved 1000 year old Fort.

Described as a ‘vast memorial to bygone cultures’ the Burren is one of the richest archaeological landscapes in Western Europe with 75 wedge tombs of Neolithic origin having been found in the region along with hundreds of ancient cooking sites or fulachta fiadh.  500 ring forts have also been found in the Burren, including the magnificent triumvallate (three walled) Cahercummaun and the chevaux-de-frise (an ancient defensive structure composed of upright stones) ringed Ballykingvarga.

Travel back in time and trace the path walked by our ancestors.

Discover more with a knowledgeable local guide:

Burren Experience Guided Walks
Join local guide Marie on an enlightening and exhilarating walk on Mullaghmore. Explore the history of the land and its people, view old farm homesteads, ancient famine roads and the flora of the Burren.
Meeting point: Clare Heritage Centre, Corofin Open: Year-round
T. +353 (0)86 8219 441 E. W.

Walk With Pius
Pius offer Inspirational Walks in the beautiful Burren. Walkers are given the opportunity to slow things down, take things one step at a time and awaken the senses.
Meeting point: N52.91146, W9.06629 (Corofin)
T. +353 (0)87 9828 173 E. W.

Burren Coaches
There are so many activities available in the Burren and all within relatively short distances from your accommodations so don’t let the problem of getting there stop you from making it happen. At Burren Coaches we cater for advising, booking and transporting small groups towards the activity of their choice.
T. +353 (0)65 7078 009 E.

The Burren Centre & Kilfenora Ceili Band Parlour Take a walk through time and be introduced to the ancient mysteries of the Burren. Go back to a time when this area lay beneath a warm tropical sea and follow the story of the formation of the Burren’s landscape.

T. +353 (0)65 708 8030 E. W. L. Kilfenora, Co. Clare, Ireland

E Whizz – Electric Bike Tours: Visit megalithic sites in stunning locations including the famous Poulnabrone and some of the lesser known, but equally amazing, sites. Cycle through some of the best scenery the Burren has to offer in the comfort of an Electric Bike.

T. +353 65 7088846 E.  W. L. Kilfenora, Co.Clare

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