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Benefits of Meditating in the Magnificent Burren Outdoors

Benefits of Meditating in the Magnificent Burren Outdoors

The Dalai Lama once said: “If every 8-year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Meditation holds countless benefits for those choosing to embark on a spiritual journey. These benefits include helping people keep their cognitive abilities as they age, according to an article published in The Daily Mail. Most of these benefits are amplified when meditating outdoors in the raw natural beauty of County Clare in Ireland.  Nothing is able to open the heart and mind quite like the beauty and tranquillity of the natural world which, mercifully, Burren boasts plenty of. Ranging from the glorious Fanore beach and Caher river estuary to green rolling hills and a variety of parks including the magnificent Burren National Park, Burren offers ample opportunity for anyone wanting to partake in meditation in the great outdoors.

You become one with nature

When you plant your feet and behind firmly on Mother Earth, your body becomes naturally attuned to her healing vibrations that allow your body to relax in such a way that promotes deeper healing. Your entire meditative experience is enhanced when your body synchronizes with nature in this manner. Sitting on the ground directly connects you to countless negative ions in the earth that proceed to flow through your body, decreasing inflammation and stabilizing blood pressure. Meditating in nature will also sharpen your sense, enhancing your hearing and allowing you skin receptors to become increasingly sensitive.

No need for background music

We often spend hours to create a playlist to complement our meditations, wasting precious time that can be spent exploring the great outdoors. When you meditate outside, you can do away with all the electronic music and focus solely on the beautiful sounds of nature. Burren boasts an abundance of birdlife including Peregrine Falcons, Cuckoos and Meadow Pipits that can help create a beautiful, natural soundtrack to enhance your meditation.  There is no man-made music track that can compete with the immense beauty of the various sounds Mother Nature is able to present us with.

Boost your immune system

Apart from the countless spiritual benefits of meditating outdoors, it can also boost your health substantially. When you spend time outside, you can expect your short-term memory to improve by as much as 20% while your concentration and focus can gain and improvement of up to 50%.  You will also be exposed to a healthy dose of Vitamin D which helps maintain bone and teeth health while supporting a healthy immune, brain and nervous system. Instead of reaching for a plethora of immune boosters and other supplements as winter approaches this year, rather engage in daily outdoor meditation to help you ward-off the annual sniffles.

If you don’t want to venture outdoors by yourself you can always pay a visit to the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre that aims to provide yoga and meditation teaching as well as outdoor activities within a responsible holiday retreat package. Whichever way you may look at it, there is no excuse why you can’t take time off your busy schedule, and get closer acquainted with nature while simultaneously reap the spiritual benefits of frequent meditation.

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