Energy Festival?

Today I picked up a little advertising leaflet. The event it was promoting had the most intriguing title of “Energy Festival”. Like so many others at this time of year, I’ve read every topical article in every weekend paper about food, drink and exercise with a view to actually treating my body like a temple and making it look like it belonged in one (i.e. goddess-like!). Ultimately, my resolve to become fitter and healthier is driven by a need to have more energy so that I can do twice as much with my time now that I no longer count birthdays as I used to do when I was full of vim and proclaiming to the world that I was a worldly 21!

ExercisingMy conclusion from all the articles is there’s no such thing as the right thing to do. It’s all down to what you eat and what you move – that much is agreed. That’s where the unanimity ends however. Some say ‘fat’ can only make you pile on the pounds; others say that fat isn’t the enemy, it’s sugar; yet others say that fat and sugar aren’t so bad, it’s actually all the wannabe-things that fill our not-so-innocent ‘low-fat, fat-free, diet’ products that have caused the whole obesity epidemic in the first place!! To add to my confusion, some say  4 minutes a day of certain (apparently quite manageable) exercises is enough for us to achieve that body while others say no less than an hour cardio and 30 minutes resistance is what’s required. Anyway, full of confusion, the ‘Energy Festival’ really piqued my interest. Pop along for a weekend and ‘buy’ some energy, ‘sample’ some energy, ‘burn’ some energy, ‘feel’ some energy? How could you not want to know more?? Pleeease tell me what to eat, drink and pound! Tell me how many Kilojoules I can burn/gain (don’t know anymore which one is the desired direction!).

DrummerTurns out this wonderful event takes place at the Boghill Centre,  at the end of January. And, if the leaflet is anything to go by, it’s a refreshingly different take on the whole health thing than what I’ve been filling my head with since 31st December – date of my last glass of wine, mince pie, sandwich and potato!.

This event offers a whole host of things I hadn’t thought of (or even heard of) to boost my energy levels, not to mention my motivation which is already starting to wane.. : yoga, singing, chakra balancing, labyrinth walking, djembe drumming, ceramotherapy, Tai Chi, belly dancing, crystal circles, feldenkreist, biodynamic gardening.…and all right here in the Burren. The list of options and activities is every bit as intriguing as the title, wouldn’t you say? How thoroughly refreshing!


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