Swedes get a taste of the Burren

We hope to welcome more Swedes to the Burren after this warm recount of one persons trip!

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September 17th, 2013 at 16:47 , Updated: September 18, 2013 at 15:45

A taste of nature

The Burren . So called a magical piece of Ireland’s wild west coast , with breathtaking beautiful and dramatic scenery – and perhaps the world’s freshest seafood.

The Cliffs of Moher are breathtaking beautiful. Blasted into a mountain is a tourist centre and information on cutting the grapes and marine fauna and the area’s dramatic history.

The nose perceives a smell of rose water, honey and roasted apples , melon and a hint of dried fruit , right? Taste – you know how it explodes in the mouth of vanilla and spices such as black pepper and cardamom ? asks Heidi Donelon when she passionately guides the novice whiskey testers into a new world of flavour and fragrance.

And that’s just to acknowledge . Getting stopping nose in a glass of 27 -year aged whiskey from Midleton, one of Ireland’s four distilleries , and then put a small piece of dark chocolate on the tongue and in the end take a sip of the golden beverage , makes you realize that you have previously have not understood anything regarding whiskey. It tastes fantastic. The women around the tables at the little pub O’Donohue ‘s sighs surprise.

– You see , now I have repented for eternity . A little whiskey now and then is good. Look at me . I am over 50 and have hardly any wrinkles. ” A whiskey a day keeps the botox away ,” said Heidi Donelon .

A fire burns , the bar sits a man with a beard and rödsprängt hands big as plates, and drinking a frothy Guinness after work . Some ladies at another table get fish & chips in giant portions.

Pub owner offers oysters ” so that we will get to taste the world’s best .” Here , as in many other pubs in the area , you can order a dozen oysters for a cheap price . The wild cost a bit more, but have stronger flavour than the cultivated .

– Now I will show you a secret, says pub owner and takes up an oyster and a knife. Cut the first one cut, then turn upside down on oyster and let the water drain out . Turn on, wait a few moments while the oyster produces new juice, open – and slurp . Amazing huh ? And forget champagne – Oysters and Guinness is a combination of world class !

We are in the small village of Fanore in County Clare , an approximately 200 square kilometre area in the northern part of the region Clare on Ireland’s west coast , two and a half hour drive from Dublin.

Burren will of irländskans Boireann and means big rock . Large parts of the Burren is in fact composed of a completely unlikely lunar-like limestone landscape in the cracks and crevices that grows many rare plants , some from the Mediterranean Sea , the second from the Alps . Botanists from around the world are attracted .

Not far from the pub spreading Atlantic out and you can hear the waves breaking against the rock formations on the other side of the narrow coast road , named one of the world’s most beautiful . To the north , you can sense the Connemara coast and on a clear day you can see the Aran Islands on the horizon.

Whiskey tasting at charming little pub O’Dono -hue ‘s in Fanore . There is a special whiskey map of Ireland that one can follow from pub to pub . I am over 50 and have hardly any wrinkles. A whiskey a day keeps the botox away!

This late September day , it is typical Ireland Weather ; interchangeably. One hour warm sun and lunch can be taken outdoors next to a warm white-washed wall . So mulnar it and just whips the rain against the windows , soon to be replaced by a soft mist. Then suddenly the sun shines again .

There is always a friendly pub nearby if it would be too gruesome . Anyone who does not like oysters can enjoy traditional pub food that gets in cabbage , shepard ‘s pie , and duck with red cabbage. Everywhere served the Irish bread , baked on baking soda instead of yeast.

The water in the Atlantic and Galway Bay is very clean thanks to few industries. The warm Gulf Stream and the rivers that flow into the sea creating optimal conditions for oysters, crabs and lobsters . In addition, the Irish pioneer sustainable fishing and have strict rules not to destroy their stocks.

The Burren is suitable not only for the food and beverage experiences, but also for long hikes . And it’s never crowded on the trails. The neighbourhood is full of history ; Celtic burial mounds , stone castle, hermit caves and churches.

One of the trails go from Lahinch to Doolin , music city number one, on to Lisdoonvarna, Ballywaghan , Carran , Corrofin and Tubber – one village cuter than the other. A 123 km long stretch that takes a green one through pastures with cows , sheep and horses and lined stengärsgårdar , past the small grey thatched cottages , dramatic coastline and across the rocky plateaus. One should check the weather reports before you leave, close the gates behind them and let the stones lie where they lie.

In the small village of Lisdoonvarna came Swedish Birgitta Hedin – Curtin was young. She fell in love with pub owner Peter and stayed. Today, she runs the Burren Smokehouse , where one smokes organic salmon in the world. Her products are available in including Dean & Deluca in New York.

– I enjoy tremendously well here. People have always tongue in cheek and nature are amazing, she says.

If you want to meet her husband and master brewer continues down the village street to the Roadside Tavern Pub. Here you can taste the Burren Black Stout, Red Ale and Gold Stocks – and get themselves a solid lesson on Irish beer and why it is the best in the world.

Cliffs of Moher is the area’s biggest tourist attraction and a must for all visitors. Here the sea for thousands of years formed the coast and created dramatic rock formations whose edges you should not go too close. Hapless have rushed the fences and thrown down to the 250 meter deep precipices

To walk along the paths beside the majestic cliffs are a paradise for bird watchers. In the newly-built information centre, you can learn all about the geology , flora and fauna and hear about Ireland’s dramatic history of one of the knowledgeable guides.

Travelling in Ireland is making a trip back in time in many ways. Very worn , traces of poverty and hard times are clear. Along the road towards the sea are luxury villas from last upswing empty . On the other hand, liberating villages unspoiled and pure and unspoiled nature creates opportunities for ecotourism.

Full Burren is one big pantry satisfying, whether you want traditional home cooking or taste the new Irish cuisine . Anyone wishing to do so can book on luxury Gregan ‘s Castle. This is a small castle from the 1700s is quality down to the smallest detail.

The restaurant was named best in Ireland in 2011 and this invites family Hoden the best the neighbourhood has to offer in terms of lamb , poultry, and of course seafood. If you take a good morning walk to keep you going even perhaps the world’s most delicious scrambled eggs with apple- smoked bacon for breakfast.

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