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Download Winterage Weekend Programme

Along with the local community, the Burrenbeo Trust is coordinating the 2017 Burren Winterage Weekend (October 26th – 30th 2017) which celebrates the fascinating farming heritage and the broader significance of high nature value farming in the Burren and beyond.

The weekend includes a conference on sustainable farming systems, heritage walks, farming demonstrations, a food fayre, an innovation fair, music, art and lots for all the family to get stuck into.   The weekend’s events culminate in the community cattle drive in Fanore on Sunday 29th, where the community follow a herd of cattle into the Burren hills where they will spend the winter. This is a great celebration of this rich tradition and a unique and authentic experience SO COME JOIN IN THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND!!

The Winterage Weekend is a non-profit event, coordinated by the Burrenbeo Trust with the support of the local community. Visit the website for details of all the events.  Any queries contact us on or 091 638096.  Please spread to all your contacts.


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