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Burren Whiskey Distillery


Burren Distillers began producing Whiskey in 2019. Our master distiller Jack O’Shea creates a premium product, distilled using locally grown barley, floor malted at the distillery. The water used is from on site wells coupled with harvested and treated rainwater. The barrels used are made from Irish Oak. Our Barrels will be infused with locally produced honey.

Whiskey Production in the Burren dates back to the Monks at Corcomroe and the Burren Prince.  Whiskey was often the peace offering which enabled differences to be set aside and friendships to flourish.  To relive the values held dear by the Burren Prince, his descendant, Noel Ó Lochlainn, has established Burren Distillers.   Burren Distillers has revived the ancient tradition of making traditional pot still whiskey, using the finest local ingredients and infused with some special local know-how.

With this rich heritage, Noel has reintroduced a single malt whiskey in the same style and flavour as that savoured by the Burren Prince centuries ago. The whiskey is made by hand at our sustainable distillery in Ballyvaughan, in the heart of the Burren.

An unusually temperate climate provides us with the finest ingredients to craft this unique whiskey.  Using rich local grown barley and the very purest well water, Burren Prince will originate in our custom-made traditional copper stills, before being aged in special seasoned honey-washed sherry casks.  Noel has also reintroduce a limited amount of Irish Oak casks into the aging period for the first time in Ireland in many centuries.  All this, creates a unique whiskey which will be enjoyed by those who appreciate the vision and values of the original ‘Burren Prince’.


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