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Everyone deserves a sustainable, joyful life — yet for many it has never felt so out of reach.  Let’s summon our common knowledge to change this for ourselves, and for one another.
Across the globe, in the wake of two of the most challenging years in living history, people are taking a moment for reflection and re-calibration. A moment to reconsider what a sustainable, joyful life could look like for them, and how they might set about creating it.
Many are considering the change they can make to minimise their impact on the planet, or to improve their mental health. In Ireland, we find ourselves in a deepening housing crisis that means less people than ever can afford to finance their own home, let alone achieve joyful and sustainable life.
It’s easy to forget that we once had the skills, resources and sense of community to feel confident in addressing these kinds of challenges – perhaps easier to believe that we have lost them forever.
We’ve founded Common Knowledge because we believe that by coming together to share basic skills, create useful resources and connect as a community, we can bring more affordable, sustainable and joyful homes into all of our lives – and hopefully also have a little craic along the way!
Join us as we lay firm foundations for our collective future.

To apply for this job email your details to info@ourcommonknowledge.org

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