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Coole is at the centre of a rare and complex wetland system that is considered to be
of global importance. The system includes underground rivers, seasonal lakes
(turloughs), springs and swallow holes. Situated in the Burren Lowlands, a low-lying
karstic limestone region west of Gort, Co Galway, the Nature Reserve covers an
area of approximately 400 hectares (1000 acres) where wetland and woodland meet.
Coole Park, in the early 20th century, was the centre of the Irish Literary Revival.
William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, John Millington Synge and Sean O’
Casey all came to experience its magic. They and many others carved their initials
on the Autograph Tree, an old copper beech still standing in the walled garden
At that time, it was home to Lady Gregory, dramatist and folklorist. She is perhaps
best known as a co-founder of the Abbey Theatre with Edward Martyn of nearby
Tulira Castle and Nobel prize-winning poet, William Butler Yeats. The seven woods
celebrated by W.B. Yeats in his poetry form part of the many kilometres of nature
trails within the Nature Reserve that take in semi-natural woodlands, including
stands of scot’s pine, yew and oak, turloughs, bare limestone pavement and Coole
At Coole, we invite you to investigate for yourself the magic and serenity of this
unique landscape. Although the house no longer stands, you can still appreciate the
environment that drew so many here. You will experience the natural world that
Yeats captured in his poetry and can learn about this special place and its wildlife, as
well as the Gregory family history and literary connections from guide staff who are
based in our Visitor Centre. The Visitor Centre itself houses a delightful exhibition on
the cultural and natural heritage of the Nature Reserve and you can also watch an
audio-visual presentation on the life of Lady Gregory.
Visitor Services:
Information and maps for Coole Park Nature Reserve, events, guided walks,
educational and outreach services. Our knowledgeable guides can be booked for
guided walks in the reserve where visitors can discover the habitats, flora, fauna and
history of the park. Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for special
events and scheduled guided walks.
Opening Hours:
Main Gate: Summer 8am – 7.30pm / Winter 8am – 6pm
Visitor Centre: 10am – 5pm all year round
Coole Park Tearooms: please visit our website for current opening times
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