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Cormac’s Coast
Provides private guided walking tours (for small groups between 2 and 8 people) of the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren and coastal areas of County Clare with trained Zoologist and Marine biologist Cormac McGinley.
Cormac has extensive experience of irelands Atlantic Coast gleaned from an upbringing in a fishing family in County Donegal and over a decade working as a Ranger and the Education officer at the Cliffs of Moher visitor centre in County Clare.

Tours take in the geological origin (and fossils) of the area and the stunning flora and fauna found along Ireland’s Atlantic Coastline. Aspects of local and maritime history are also covered with the aim of giving visitors a deeper understanding of the natural forces that have formed and continue to shape the spectacular landscape (and seascape) they see around them.

As tours are private they can be tailored to meet the interests and ability of each particular booking group.

Tours available in County Clare include :

Half or full day walking tours of
1. The Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland’s most iconic natural features. Taking in the breathtaking views, getting to know how the Cliffs were formed and about the plants and animals that make this sea lashed piece of coast their home.

2. The Burren, a landscape different to all other parts of the country making it a uniquekind of beauty in a country full of beautiful places. Tours cover the geological history and more recent geographical events that have led to the formation of the features we see today – and the fascinating human history of the Burren which stretches back to some of our earliest indicators of human activity up to the present day.
The unique flora of the Burren and the animals that live there are also covered.

Half day tours
1. Fossil walk
A half day spent along a stretch of County Clare coastline explaining the geological and geographical processes that produced what we see. Hopefully finding fossil evidence of the long extinct creatures that occupied this piece of the earths crust back when the rock we stand on was formed.

2. Seashore exploration walk
Less distance covered, than other walks offered, but the main focus of this walk is to spend time on the shoreline at lowtide and investigate the vast array of marine creatures and plants that are common (but maybe not commonly known) along our stunning coastline.

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