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Walk With Pius in the Burren, on the Aran Islands and on Inishcealtra. Unique guided walks with local guide Pius Murray.
The guided walks enable the visitor to connect with the landscape, view limestone paving, visit archaeological and sacred sites and enjoy the breath-taking scenery of County Clare, Ireland.
Exploration of the flora, fauna, geology, history, archaeology, mythology and farming practices of the Burren, are an integral part of making the guided walks interesting and enjoyable.
All walks include educational and at times amusing commentary and insights, and provide an opportunity for personal interaction with Pius.
The walks are for every ability, from rambles to longer hikes, along trails in various locations in the unique karst landscape.

You are invited to walk with others of like mind, visit sacred sites, reconnect with nature and the landscape, a landscape that has a connection with our ancestors.

You are given the freedom to breathe, observe, listen, touch, be silent, reflect, process “stuff”, quieten your mind, be present in the NOW and feel grounded.

At the end of an Inspirational Walk walkers say that the feel contented, refreshed, awakened, grounded, calm, appreciative, aware, connected, challenged… For some the walk is the start of a personal journey, for others it is a time out and an chance to get away from it all.

Celtic Spirituality is incorporated into the walks through active participation of walkers in rituals based on the 4 elements, air, fire, earth and fire. The walks conclude with a simple sacred circle dance.

To arrange a walk at a time to suit your schedule contact Pius Murray at +353 87 9828173 or email  pius@walkwithpius.com

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